Ritmüller is among the most renowned name in the tradition of piano making. Founded 1795 the Ritmüller Pianofortefabrik made instruments that were soon played by the most famous composers of the 19th century. Johannes Brahms played a Ritmüller at several occasions in the city of Göttingen. Today the Ritmüller name continues the tradition in instruments, that combined the European art of piano making with modern manufacturing technology.

Superior Series

Created by our European and American piano-design consultants, the Ritmüller Superior range brings the very latest in music design and technology to pianos especially suited for studios and professional venues. All instruments feature an elegant design, exceptional sound volume and fantastic playability.

Upright Pianos
Grand Pianos
Premium Series

The Premium Series is a range of unique instruments complementing the Ritmuller program. All components are manufactured with special attention to detail and feature select materials and precision craftsmanship.


All hammers are made of A-grade German hammer felt, for a pure sound. The elegant blue color of the hammer inner felt and the high quality hammer felt complement each other, presenting the classic charm of Ritmüller.


The harmonious combination of mechanical accuracy with enhanced structural new design guarantees a broader and richer tonal range. The tapered design soundboard evenly
distributes energy throughout the piano, resulting in highly sensitive “touch and tone” effect.


the new iron frame design and the classical sand casting technology create high tensile and bending resistance ability. It provides the strong structural foundation for the piano’s overall stability, and increases the effective string lengths for enhanced the sound volume.

Upright Pianos
Grand Pianos
Supreme Series

Designed in Europe and built in Germany, the Ritmüller Supreme RS280 is one of the most unique and technologically advanced concert grands ever built. With its extra-long keyboard action, proprietary Triplex scaling, enlarged climate-resistant soundboard made of AAA grade Bavarian-Bohemian spruce, German-made high-performance Röslau and Pitthan wire strings, and custom Renner hammers with Merino wool felt, the Ritmüller Supreme RS280 concert grand excels in sound quality and tuning stability.

Grand Pianos