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Pearl River Unveils World’s First 3D Printed Piano

Christian Wissmuller • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • November 23, 2020

Music China, the most comprehensive music industry event in Asia, was the scene for a dramatic first, the introduction of Pearl River Piano Group’s 3D printed grand piano. At the four day exhibition in Shanghai, which attracts over 11,000 visitors from 81 countries, the Kayserburg futuristic spacecraft conceptgrand, named ‘Celestial Harmony Spacewalk’, stole the spotlight amid the 2,252 exhibitors from 31 countries.

According to Leng Tshua, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Pearl River Piano Group, the futuristic design of the piano represents an organic outcome of highly advanced CNC processes in combination with 3D printing technology. “We are continually pushing forward with technological developments and innovations for the next generation of keyboard instruments,” Leng said. “What better way to demonstrate this goal than to create a piano with an appearance of space exploration in harmonic convergence?”

The 8-foot grand was crafted from sonically ideal carbon fiber polyester material that a massive 3D printer formed into the exotic Celestial Harmony Spacewalk shape. The piano then received a finish of overlapping and changing colors which Pearl River representatives say are designed to bring a sense of a spacewalk while watching the celestial beings in an unknown universe, accompanied by soothing rhythmic notes.

Established in 1956, Pearl River Piano Group has become the largest piano manufacturer in the world, producing over 150,000 pianos a year, with a global market share of over 30%. The company builds pianos under the Pearl River, Ritmüller, and Kayserburg names, as well as for OEM contracts.

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